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If your clock has three finials (pointed decorations) above the dial: These finials are fragile.They MUST NOT touch the box during shipping or they may break off.The key will be to , depending on the model of clock. If there is a locking device, lock the pendulum into the clock.For a Kundo clock (if it has a lock), raise the pendulum into the opening, then secure the locking arm with several paper clips through the hole to hold it firmly in the locked position, and tape it as well.Add if the lower suspension block is missing (the rectangular brass piece with a pin through it that the pendulum hooks on to).The clock will have a two-year warranty when finished.A vintage Kundo torsion pendulum clock, also known as an “anniversary clock” or “400-day clock.” This gold tone clock comes with a removable clear glass dome; the clock is supported by three pedestals on a round step base, and has a torsion pendulum with four round weights.

Please contact us if you need expedited repair service.They were especially popular in the 1950s, and the major German makers were Schatz (Aug.Schatz & Sohne or Jahresuhrenfabrik), Kundo (Kieninger & Obergfell) and Kern.For other clocks, tape the locking arm in the locked position (tape on the underside of the base to avoid damaging the finish).Put paper towel below and around the pendulum to help support it.

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