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XML Signatures can be applied to any digital content (data object), including XML.

An XML Signature may be applied to the content of one or more resources.

A conformant implementation may use any technique to achieve the results as-if it were implemented according to the referenced specification, but is not required to follow detailed implementation techniques of that specification. These namespace URIs are also used as the prefix for algorithm identifiers that are under control of this specification.

For resources not under the control of this specification, we use the designated Uniform Resource Names [ The contributions of the members of the XML Signature Working Group to the first edition specification are gratefully acknowledged: Mark Bartel, Adobe, was Accelio (Author); John Boyer, IBM (Author); Mariano P.

This specification also includes other useful types that identify methods for referencing collections of resources, algorithms, and keying and management information.

The XML Signature is a method of associating a key with referenced data (octets); it does not normatively specify how keys are associated with persons or institutions, nor the meaning of the data being referenced and signed.

Please refer to the implementation report for version 1.1 of this specification for additional details about the implementation status of features added in this revision.

This document was published by the XML Security Working Group as a Recommendation.

More specifically, this specification defines an XML signature element type and an XML signature application; conformance requirements for each are specified by way of schema definitions and prose respectively.

The key words " Consequently, we use these capitalized key words to unambiguously specify requirements over protocol and application features and behavior that affect the interoperability and security of implementations.

These key words are not used (capitalized) to describe XML grammar; schema definitions unambiguously describe such requirements and we wish to reserve the prominence of these terms for the natural language descriptions of protocols and features.

The Director previously authorized the publication knowing that the reference would be updated in a near future.

's role in making the Recommendation is to draw attention to the specification and to promote its widespread deployment.

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