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Maria is welcomed by businessman Fernando De la Vega, one of the most influential and richest men in the country.He teaches María manners and welcomes her as a family member, although his wife Victoria and Carlota, one of the household's maids, despise María upon meeting her.María Hernández is a young, humble, uneducated dreamer, who lives with her godmother Cacilda on the outskirts of Mexico City and works as a picker of recyclable material in a landfill.On the day that María turns 15, her godmother dies, who on her deathbed, asks Father Honorio to find a place where her goddaughter can work and live.Calixta, who is also a healer, helps her put poisonous weeds in María's water.María gets sick and is sent to the hospital, where she discovers the cause of the disease.María eventually discovers the truth and fires Penélope and files for a divorce from Luis Fernando. Fourteen years pass, and Fernando (Nando), now fourteen years old, works as a lottery vendor.

Unsure of what to do, Luis Fernando adopts a baby girl named María de los Ángeles, nicknamed 'Tita'. The main protagonists are Thalía and Fernando Colunga.With Ludwika Paleta and Osvaldo Benavides are co-protagonists, while Itatí Cantoral is main antagonist.Luis Fernando, the eldest son of the De la Vega family, is dumped by his girlfriend Brenda, and swears not to become involved emotionally with women, but to toy with them.He initially engages with María for this purpose, but ends up falling in love with her.

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Is one of 8 actresses who have won an Academy Award for their performance in a musical.

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