My boyfriend39s best friend is dating his ex

But do these attachments last if the relationship doesn't? A breakup with a guy generally means a breakup with his friends and family, too.Does it mean you have to give them the stink eye across the room at a restaurant? Does it mean you have to ignore them if you run into them at the supermarket? But you both need to move on, and you each need the support of your own friends and family to do it. "Guy code" dictates that men remain fiercely loyal to their friends, and place those friendships above anything else after a breakup. Though it may seem more innocent, this setup is just as tricky."This is common courtesy, will prevent you both from feeling awkward, and give everyone the space to transition into new relationships," Frances explains.

If he adamantly objects, your boyfriend will either sacrifice your new relationship to save his friendship, or he will tell him he plans to continue dating you.

I say it is never, ever OK to date your ex’s friend.

It just leaves too many things to chance, things that could not only backfire and ruin your relationship, but also destroy the friendship he has with his friend in the process.

Ending a long-term relationship is a sticky situation. You might witness the birth of nieces and nephews that you love like your own.

When you're a couple, you share things -- and people.

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