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MIT and other STEM universities are committed to giving students these tools But there is another skills gap that receives less attention and which I believe is critically important, especially for students of engineering and science – the “soft” skills deficit.

Traditional “brick and mortar” retailers are disappearing in record numbers and many are close to drawing their last commercial breath.

Several other top universities in China shared the honor with NSCIIC, including Guanghua School of Management at Peking University, and Fudan University.

Transportation is the second biggest global emitter of greenhouse gases (GHG), yet the logistics sector is often left out of the climate conversation.

CAMBRIDGE, BOSTON, Mass., October 2, 2017 – The MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (MIT CTL) is providing MIT CTL’s ground-breaking MITx Micro Masters Credential in Supply Chain Management courses to employees in GE’s Operations Management Leadership Program.

Seemingly every apartment lease in the entire city ends on August 31st, leading to an enormous shuffle of moving vans, of furniture being hauled through doorways and onto street corners.

And another 4.6 million were seriously injured, a 7% increase from 2015.

In international trade, the practice of dumping – exporting product at a predatory price to capture market share – is usually associated with aggressive countries intent on moving into a national market at any cost.

The selected team traveling to Portugal to compete in the Global Final on 28 September.

Four MITx Micro Masters in Supply Chain Management Learners who have never met in person but only online, will compete in the Global Professional Final of The Fresh Connection supply chain simulation on September 28, 2017, in Lisbon, Portugal.

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The 23rd Conference of Parties (COP23), a major annual forum for climate policy dialogue, recently moved transportation into the spotlight, paving the way for more proactive emissions reductions measures.

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