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Waiting police and pro-government militia launched baton charges, tear gas and water cannons.One of the amateur videos of Soltan is 40 seconds long, the other only 14.“I asked the people what they thought,” he recalled.Overall, he felt, “They were mad at the government and hungry.

Hungry because people are suffering from poverty, but also because the people are hungry for change. It’s not just about changing the government, it’s about doing anything they [need] to get change.” In December, he spent seven days traveling around Tehran and other areas in Iran.She simply "wanted freedom for all," he told BBC Persia in an interview."When the clashes were occurring, Neda was far away from the demonstrations, she was in one of the side alleys near Amir Abad," Makan said, according to a translation of the interview.The Basij have been heavily deployed against supporters of opposition presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi and blamed by protesters for much of the worst violence against them.Persian-language postings on blogs and Twitter feeds used by supporters of the opposition called for a rally Monday at Haft-e-tir Square Tehran in memory of Neda and other "martyrs." About 200 gathered there and were quickly dispersed by riot police firing tear gas and live ammunition, quashing the demonstration and barring any further gathering of people, even in pairs, at the normally busy intersection.

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Rules imposed last week barred independent media from street reporting and turned the people of Iran into an essential source of information on the unrest, documenting it with camera phones and e-mailing the images out to the world.

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